bigfoot-finalMy father, Manga Bell, always told me bigfoot lived in the foothills outside of Douala’s back woods in the Cameroons, but I never believed him…until the conclusion of shooting Alien in London. I discovered hieroglyphics written on some parts of the Nostromos spaceship set of our movie. It was about Aliens, Big Foot, The Krill and other bits of phenomena I was not acquainted with. After Alien, I had pushed it all out of my mind and had gone to the Philippines to my wife’s home town, something happened there that brought it all back I was sitting on a rock formation, vacationing, bird watching. When suddenly, through my binoculars, I could see something big and furry moving through a waterfall! my first thought was, ‘woah that’s one big bird’ then I saw it stand up and start running right at me!! It was then I realized it wasn’t a bird! but a big hairy thing with big feet! so I shouted and ran toward our van! luckily, my shout scared the beast off, but not after it grabbed a handful of the birds I was watching. it was shocking!!!! It was at that moment I realized everything I had read on the walls of the Nostromos and space jockey was real! All of it? If this was real was everything else real…It was on that day the first page of Yaphet Kotto’s Alien Diary was written.