chairs-and-canesInvalids and the infirmed were seen entering the mysterious Biringan City leaving behind, crutches, canes, wheelchairs and prosthetics of all kinds. Many were walking, running and frolicking for the first time in years. But. Where did all this sudden health and wellness come from?

The House of Obedient Common Senses it is the governmental authority for the sages and clairvoyant’s world in America. The basic mission of the House is to keep the Citizens from finding out about an entire culture of supernatural citizens. It is a huge, complicated, and efficient supernatural bureaucracy, just like most governmental organizations.
The House consists of ten estates of which the Department of Supernatural Law Enforcement is the largest. All the other departments are in some way answerable to it, except for the Department of parliamentary house of the cerebrum.
The House has its headquarters in South East Asia. It consists of numerous Departments, Committees, Boards, and Agencies whose job it is to make and enforce laws and regulations. Besides keeping the activities of Preceptors and Mystics hidden from the elemental; Citizens (and swooping in with Karma Erasers when things get out of hand or are covered by the veil, the House also handles commerce and international relations and maintains the secrets of Biringan City.
There are several law enforcement agencies within the House. They maintain order, enforce laws and regulations, deal with breaches of security, and operate Rondalian, the 3rd world prison. This high-security fortress is located on a tiny island far out to sea.
Tamasic Demons guards it. The House also maintains squads of Hit-Mystics to deal with criminals and elite Rajasic Angels to track down Dark Mystics. The Medulla together with the Reign of the Senses is the High Preceptors Court, a body that serves as the ultimate arbiter of justice for the supernatural world.
The elemental Prime Minister is aware of the supernatural world and stays in close contact with the High Preceptors Court and the Ministers of the Bodily Kingdom, especially when (XXXXXX)escaped from Ron Dalian (The name redacted to protect the innocent.
Felix Fox informed the Prime Minister the escapee was dangerous because he posed a threat to Citizens of the Bodily Kingdom as well as supernatural folk. In extreme cases where a supernatural creature has been seen by Citizens and the usual interventions won’t suffice, the Office of Misinformation (part of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures) works with the Citizens of the Bodily Kingdom’s Prime Minister to concoct a believable lie to give to the public in order to lay down the incident, because in this situation if the world found out who had escape from Rondalian Island and that he was headed for Biringan City, all hell would break loose and no one in either world would consider themselves safe. No one.