baringancityI have never come across any hitch hikers that were bad or evil. I’ve heard many different interesting stories and why they were hitch hiking. Unfortunately, none ever had a scary or frightening story to tell. And yes, some I did not feel comfortable with because they were just a little odd. And yes, I have met one hitch hiker that was more than just a little odd, it was the time when I was in the navy. I was stationed in Samar, Philippines. Not that thrilling. I was on leave for the week and I picked up a few hikers. The last time was an Asian gal standing on the side of the interstate, in burning summer weather, with nothing on but cutoff jeans shorts and bare feet. She wore a button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled. When she put it on, she decided to tie it off above her stomach. You could tell she thought it made her breasts look larger, higher and it showed off the abs she’d been working on.


Turns out somebody else gave her a ride and ditched her at a truck stop while absconding with her jacket and back pack. I hope you’re not thinking about doing that. Even the Phil hound Flyer is better, safer, and faster


He then remembered this other woman more recently. It was funny because he thought it was a statue, or mannequin somebody put on the side of the road near here. Completely motionless till he slowed down to see. Then she started walking like a robot, real jerky. It was as if she was super disabled from having every bone in her body broken in a car or motorcycle accident. He was going home but decided to give her a ride to the next depot stop. She was just about to turn into a side road when a haze of lights begins to glow and light up the trees, in only a few seconds it begins to coalesces around the woman and starts to create a showering portal to Baingan’s another world. The woman stepped through and the haze begins to fade.


The driver immediately pulled his car on to the soft shoulder of the road, stopped and leaped out of the car. He raced for the glowing gate, but it was already shut and was becoming like glass, although he could see through the glowing mists. The city of Biringan beyond the veil, a great, golden realm with beautiful, handsome people, laughing, frolicking…and the woman, he had seen limping along…


No longer infirmed, and unattractive but walking, straight and tall he had the body of a lush young Venus which an invisible observer staring through the mist could have traced in detail through the clinging dress It barely hid the high-set, round, widely spaced breasts whose rose-tipped nipples clearly showed through the thin fabric.  The sheet tapered down over a slender, girlish waist to round, luscious hips, a flat, smooth stomach and long full-swelling thighs; breath-taking curved calves tapered down to thin, well-formed ankles.  It was a body that would attract admiring attention from the most discriminating men–and envy from women who saw her as he saw her…but slowly the scene began to fade and the driver now is left with just a memory. “Hey Lady!  You hear ne?  Lady!”


And then she was gone, the glowing city and the beautiful buildings and parks all gone. Only the empty forest remained and its hollow voices of crickets…chirping their loneliness..