ladytaxiWas it the case of perfect synchronicity, a woman seems to vanish after she stepped out of a yellow cab taxi and walked toward the private entrance of a home in Biringan City during a live television broadcast.

In the clip, shot for a Manila television station, a dark haired woman arrives in a cab in the background with her arms filled with gift wrapped packages, chatting with a man who begins to help her out of the taxi and is helping her with some of the packages. As the man starting out of the cab begins to walk away, he turns back to pay the cab driver his fare, when the dark-haired woman and the house she was about to enter seems to disappear.

The video clip, which was shot from the rear of an arriving greyhound bus, has already been viewed nearly ten million times since it was posted to Facebook a few days ago.

The video has sparked numerous sensational headlines like, “Woman and house in Baringa City mysteriously disappears on live television,” and, from The Daily Motion, “Internet is baffled after woman and house ‘DISAPPEAR’ in Biringan City on live TV.”

We think one commenter on that Daily Mail article had it right when they wrote, “The mystery of Biringan city continues as woman and house disappears in front of television viewers!”

We apologize in advance for the conspiracy theory buzzkill, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that what might appear to be a disappearing act is simply a case of perfect timing.  The woman moved from the taxi at the exact moment the atmosphere changed and a veil of foggy weather wiped out the scene, obscuring the camera’s view as she walked out of frame.

Black Magic!

Alright, this adds fuel to the flames of the rumors going on about Biringan City, but it’s still a pretty incredible coincidence. Either that, or as one commenter put it, “Harry Potter is at it again.”