samar_island_mapBecause of the writings I found on the walls of the Nostromos spaceship while filming Alien, I had discovered many wonderful things about my religion, my African heritage and the chosen way I had decided to contact the universe which was a departure from my Jewish and catholic upbringing. My whole life was now centered around meditation what I have chosen to call the Pranic Lift, a system of breathing in which one learns to draw energy up from the lower spine into the brain. Because of it, I was able to achieve what the Hindus call ‘Samadhi’ In the sutras, Samadhi is defined as one-pointedness of mind. The Bhagavad Gita, I believe defines Samadhi as “the centering of consciousness and consciousness concomitants evenly and rightly on a single object…the state in virtue of which consciousness and its concomitants remain evenly and rightly on a single object, undistracted and scattered. The writing also mention a map of the Philippines where the Pranic Lift could be found.

Brothers and sisters this is beyond simple prayer, by the time I had concluded Alien, Brubaker, Running man and went through the actor’s strike I was in the Philippines at a resort I took my savings and built and did my best to ignore the circular cloud that now was over our resort, what was to come I will break it down real slow starting with my Filipino wife’s idea to get to the bottom of the cloud that had even appeared over the roof of the Homicide ’s set in Fells Point, Baltimore…we decided to build our own UFO on the theory that if the circular cloud had anything to do with extraterrestrials they would respond.. Lord, did they ever….resting in one of the cabins..I suddenly heard shouts, excited voices and my wife’s calling me to come outside…I first tried to ignore it, but the din grew louder and I coud tell it was coming from our restaurant near the resort…I suddenly pulled away from the TV show I was watching and ran outside to see the cloud…but our waitresses and customers had seen something elseufofinal