aswang-demon-the-rebel-king-ego-printrestVictims of Encantu Possessions, if you get to visit the city it is either by accident or it is truly your fate. They say that if the person who is being possessed by dark forces and fails to fight its soul will be delivered to the House of Obedient Common Senses and judged by the Ministers of the Bodily Kingdom. The freeborn judges of the bodily empire. Twenty-seven thousand billion, intelligent cells, countless billions of molecules, electrons, units of intelligent life sparks, and countless infinite number of thoughts, will see to it that your fate is judged by the Prime Minister of Discrimination. The Prime Minister is the ultimate judhe who will decide if you are ready to be confirmed that they are already not part of our world. If residents of the neighboring cities get to be diagnosed to be possessed, they usually point the blame to the Encantu inhabitants of Biringan. The Aswang witch knows that the perceptions of an ordinary human being in the body consist of the sensations of body weight, internal sensations, arising from the inner organs and breath in the body, sensations, of touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight, hunger, thirst, pain, passion, attachment, sleepiness, fatigue, wakefulness, reasoning, feeling, and willing powers.  She knows that the consciousness of an ordinary man sleeps and dreams, and fears death, poverty, and disease and the Aswang witch  is always right there to take advantage of the ordinary human being. She knows that physiologically an ordinary man is limited by attachments to name, fame, family, race, possessions, and the consciousness of weight and feeling of the physical body. In other words, a mundane man is conscious only of his body and its outer connections and never be able to resist the temptations of the Aswang demon.