mermaidFishermen, are among those who claim to have seen Biringan City. also, farmers, passers-by, and victims of Encantu possessions. Those who have heard about the mermaid sightings from faraway places, the fishermen who saw the mermaid spread the word that from the wide seas they were fishing, they caught sight of these half naked creatures on the shores of the magnificent, mysterious city, glowing in the dark, brilliant with multi-colored lights, and equipped with sophisticated facilities, obviously enjoying highly-advanced technology that may not be possessed by the most advanced cities in the world. Such observation is echoed by the rest of those who got the “chance” to see it. They have the same awed impressions of that city rising to the skies.  I would say Encantu. Most of the inventions that we use daily come from Encantu. From household appliances, entertainment gadgets, arcade machines all the way to cars come from the Encantu invention. I would say US dominates another different field particularly in life sciences and research into biotechnology to find cures and vaccines. But then again, all other countries including Encantu have such extensive research.

By the way, do you know the latest Encantu invention by Encantu doctors is to cure a sick patient from Paris with a dysfunctional heart by obtaining a certain DNA sample or something from the patient’s leg and transplant them into the heart with what they call lifetronic equipment. By this Encantu invention, the patient now does not need to take the risk to go for a major heart surgery. This is a breakthrough in the medical science arena by the Encantu doctors who live in the mysterious city of Biringan