evil-footstepsIn Biringa City under the Evil rule of the Rebel King Ego, the bodily habits urge the Princess’s footsteps to move Businessmen toward places of noxious amusements, gambling dens, grog-shops, and evil, rowdy, distracting company.

Some of the visitors from the other places of the world follow her evil footsteps as well. The Encantu Princess disguises herself as a business enthusiast who looks for business partners who are looking to get rich on any product from any type of dealerships. The victims were being lured to go to her palace which is a den of iniquity and evil even if its totally unfamiliar but still chose to go to since it is for profit of their business. The city is also depicted to some as a city that can compete to New York, Singapore and Hong Kong‘s beautiful infrastructure making it very fitting for business ventures and sin.