flying-car-fifth-elementTransportation Drivers who get lost on directions. Sometimes it is their fault but most of the time, the elementals from the city tricks them to going to the wrong address in the City by disguising themselves as normal people commuting and they mostly use Shecker Cabs.

The Shecker Cab is a hover-vehicle, yellow, checker striped vehicle that assists stranded individuals of the mystic and prophet community through public transportation. Inside of the Cab during any haphazard maneuver the Cab has much in the way of airtight safety features, as passengers and luggage alike are securely locked down when it moves. Citizens of the bodily kingdom do not even realize that these vehicles exist. How does the mystic world stay hidden? Because citizens can’t see what they don’t believe in.

As long as citizens Biranga know that mysticism is nothing but the stuff of fairy tales, they will be blind to evidence to the contrary. Maybe they do see it, but to them it loses its magic sheen and they see only a standard yellow cab, driving a bit wildly but otherwise normal. Ah, the wonders of mystic geography. The Shecker Cab can apparently be anywhere in the United States within seconds. Of course, there is a limit to this kind of belief-induced blindness.


The Shecker cab itself hovers at a very fast anti-gravity rate of speed about three feet from the ground and all obstacles before it fade out of its way when it approaches. To hail the cab, a mystic or prophet must shout their astral chant in the air in the same manner that a Citizen might whistle to hail a taxi, though it is possible to book tickets for travel on the Shecker Cab in advance. Inside, during the night, the Shecker Cab has sofa beds, circular back seat area, surrounded by view screens, curtained windows, holograph projectors in screens behind each sofa, and twenty-five dollars gives a passenger use of the Shecker Cab Replicator, a machine capable of creating synthesize meals on demand and recycling objects from cups of coffee to hot meal dinners, while fifteen gets a hot water bottle and a toothbrush in any color. During the day, there are just seats that are apparently not bolted down.
A Cauldwell, Fulton publication.
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