mountains-1736209_960_720There is an enchanted palace overgrown with the clinging poisoned weeds of earthly selfishness and greed. Its windows are bedimmed with foul smoke, its chambers are darkened and unwholesome, yet, deep within the shadows sleeps President Soul. All of his faculties lie dormant, waiting the salutation from the “Prince of Peace,” who maketh all things new.

At His entrance, the sleeping President awakes, with all energies alive. The secret door that has been barred swings upon its foreordained hinges. The darkness vanishes; everything glows with a new light.

The great book describes all the inhabitants of the bodily kingdom. President Soul first entered the nucleus in the spermatozoa. When the sperm by the miraculous work of his life force develops into a body, the nucleus of the sperm remains as the medulla or the seat of life. This medulla is called the mouth of God, for through that center He first breathed the breath of life-force into the human body. The medulla is the most sensitive of all bodily organs. Operations can be performed on almost any part of the body except the medulla. Other coarser forces of the mind manifest in the grosser and bigger limbs in the human body, but the first forces of President Soul must have the most delicate tissues of the brain and medulla to dwell in and manifest through. Ever since President Soul first entered the bodily mechanism through the medulla, this fine organ has remained extremely sensitive on account of having first expressed the President’s fine perceptions and the various phases of life. This medulla is called the gateway of life, through which President Soul first made His triumphal entry into the bodily kingdom.