Her real name was Marianne Herod Nee-Mary. Nicknamed Stadia. The rumors of Stadia’s encounter with a Roman soldier would reach Joseph’s ears by many of the neighbors who lived in the vicinity. Joseph originally rejected his pregnant fiancé, but later relented. They traveled to Bethlehem to insure the officials there would record Joseph as the father of Mary’s babies. Yes babies! She gave birth to twins in the Essene community. The Essenes were a perennial Jewish colony that particularly flourished in Judea. One of her sons became a student of Rabbi Hillel’s school of philosophy and the other became the leader of the Essenes. An older Essene named Joseph was assigned as Yeshau’s ‘religious father‘ and guardian. For some centuries previous to the time ascribed to the New Testament stories. It would also appear in the sacred book of the Moslems, the Koran. It stated that ‘a Roman Soldier had his way with Marianne and she became pregnant by him. Marianne completely afraid of the disgrace that would follow, left the province, went to one of the Essene communities where she bore two sons Judas and Yeshu’a in secret. This story was supported in the Gospel of Luke, with the description of the departure of Joseph and Mary from their home prior to her children’s birth, but how did she become the Immaculate Conception? That’s the story that involves us all..and its right here in this book!!!