After the confrontation of three spirts in, Harlem, on Christmas Eve, Enoch Shadoobee travels from the city Streets of Harlem, to the New Orleans French Quarter to live with her older, married brother Job, and sister-in- law, Charlotte Roman. Enoch is in his fifties, and with no job, he is a candidate for the FBI program but in the meantime he has nowhere else to go.
Enoch tells Job that he has taken a leave of absence from his FBI training and education because of a mental condition. Enoch sings the praises of the richness of his brother’s four room flat. He finds Charlotte soft spoken but crude, eventually referring to her as a “slut”. Charlotte, in return, does not care for Enoch’s manners and dislikes his presence.
Job is not aware that his brother was once engaged to Charlotte.
Charlotte later questions Enoch about their earlier engagement. Enoch had proposed to her when she was very young, but his street partner was arrested, leaving him hunted and alone. The memory of the ghost of his dead business partner, Blabber Mouth Jones spiritual visitations caused Enoch some obvious distress. Charlotte, worried that she has been cheated out of profits from the business she invested in, demands to know what happened to Mother Hubbard savings and loans e, once a prosperous pawnshop and the Egyptian Stompers gangland home. Enoch hands over all the newspapers articles pertaining to Mother Hubbard. While reading through the newspapers, Charlotte notices a bundle of letters that Enoch emotionally proclaims are spiritual guidance letters from a Jesuit priest. For a moment, Charlotte seems caught off guard over his denouncement of anything spiritual. Afterwards, she informs Enoch that Job is going back in the ring to return to the boxing profession, but is stunned when Enoch tells her he has come home to New Orleans to confront God.