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In 1917 the first African American; FBI special agent was James Wormsley Jones. He was given the code name 800. , James Wormsley Jones began service with the Washington Metropolitan Police Department in January 1905. He rose from being a footman to a horseman then a motorcycle policeman. His work resulted in being promoted to detective. Jones was appointed as the first African-American special agent on November 19, 1919 by Bureau of Investigation director A. Bruce Bielaski. Jones was assigned to a new section of the Justice Department created to track the activities of groups perceived as subversive.
“First, it should be especially noted that Jones presents a picturesque description as to how a man of self-realization advances when the body and mind are intelligently ruled by his inner self and his associates. There are some who say the consciousness in agent 800 was really Cosmic Consciousness. He was not a victim of imaginary perceptions, fanciful inspirations, or wisdom hallucinations, but he was actually conscious of the unmanifested Spirit and also of the entire Cosmic with all its details. A person who has become one with omnipresent and omniscient Almighty Force is aware of the coursing of a planet trillions of miles distant and of the flight of a near-by sparrow at the same time. He is a superman that does not behold Spirit from the body, but becomes one with Spirit and beholds his body as well as the body of others, and all manifestation as existing within himself.
The perceptions of an ordinary human being in the body consist of the sensations of body weight, internal sensations, arising from the inner organs and breath in the body, sensations, of touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight, hunger, thirst, pain, passion, attachment, sleepiness, fatigue, wakefulness, reasoning, feeling, and willing powers. The consciousness of an ordinary man sleeps and dreams, and fears death, poverty, and disease. Physiologically an ordinary man is limited by attachments to name, fame, family, race, possessions, and the consciousness of weight and feeling of the physical body. In other words, a mundane man is conscious only of his body and its outer connections.

As a result, the ordinary FBI Agent thinks that he is what books and inferences about Truth has stated that he is. He remains hypnotized and limited by his own thoughts.

Spiritually the ordinary FBI Agent cannot feel his presence beyond the body except by imagination. By the flight of fancy, a man can move in imagination through the stars and vast spaces, but that is imagination and does not belong to the domain of reality.

Yaphet Kotto, using Wormsley as an example created Felix Irwin Fox, and gave him a superman’s consciousness in the body extended and awakened in every particle of space ambient (encompassing) Eternity. The exalted FBI agent feels the body and all its perceptions as an omniscient Spirit and not as an ordinary human being.

And so we learn how the spiritual man performs all actions of seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, and hearing the good and the beautiful without being attached. His Soul floats on the foul waters of earthly experiences and of indifference to the Almighty Force like a lotus which floats unsoiled or in purity on the muddy waters of a lake.

We will learn how physiologically the superman knows his earthly name and possessions without being at all possessed or limited by them. He lives in the world, but he is not of the world. the superman may seemingly feel hunger, thirst, and human limitations of the body, but within he perceives himself as Spirit unattached by bodily limitations. The superman may own much, yet he never sorrows when all things are taken away. If the superman happens to be materially poor, spiritually he knows he is the richest of all. The spiritual man feels cold, heat, sees, hears, smells, tastes, and touches like other individuals, only he remains unattached to the senses.

The FBI had allowed a superman that felt sensations, not on the surface of the body, but in the brain. The ordinary agent experienced the cold or heat on his body surface, sees roses in the garden, hears sounds in the ears, tastes with the palate, and smells through the olfactory nerves, but the super-agent feels all sensations in the brain. He can distinguish between pure sensation and the reaction of thought on it. He sees sensations, feelings, will, body, perception, everything in thought as suggestions of the almighty force dreaming through us.

Felix Irwin Fox looked at his body not as flesh, but as a bundle of condensed electrons and life force ready to dematerialize or materialize at his will. He feels no weight of the body. Body perceived as electric energy cannot have weight. He sees the motion picture of the cosmos going backward and forward on the screen of his consciousness, so he knows that time and space and dimension are forms of thought in which the cosmic motion picture of dreams is constantly playing new, true-to-touch, true-to-sound, visible super-talkies.
The superman sees birth as the beginning of certain changes and death as the change which follows earthly life. He sees birth and death as changes playing on the Spirit as waves rise, fall, and rise again on the bosom of the sea.
The reader of this book, Make Not a Bond of Love, will learn how a man of realization has to climb different steps in the ladder of self-realization as his consciousness moves upward from body consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness.

First: by discrimination the student detaches himself from his earthly possessions, and from his little circle of friends. This he does not do to be exclusive and negative, but to be all-inclusive. The student first excludes all attachments, he makes no bond with love, so that not even love will not stand in the way of the perception of the omnipresent. After achieving omnipresence, he includes in his love his family, friends, everything. Ordinary man is the loser by his attachment of a few paltry things which he must forsake in the end. The reader will learn how the student reclaims his Divine birthright first by all necessary efforts and includes afterwards all things he desires to have.

The consciousness of such a student sees visions, great lights, hears astral sounds, and becomes identified with a vast dimly lighted space, alive with glimpses of the hitherto unknown. The reader will learn how and perceive the method as the student moves his consciousness and energy to the coccyx center, and he feels that all matter is composed of electricity. When he draws his consciousness and energy to the sacral center, he feels that the earth is composed of electrons and life force. When the student retires to the dorsal center, he sees all gases and air as made of life force. When the student can place his consciousness in the cervical center, he feels that all ether is made of sparks of intelligent life force. When the student retires into the medulla center and the point between the eyebrows, he knows all matter, energy, and gases as composed of thought force. These centers are electrical switches of life force and consciousness, which are responsible for the creation of super-television pictures of earth, water, fire, and ether, of which matter is composed. This can be better understood by personal instruction from a preceptor.

So many shallow spiritual people, whose knowledge comes percolating through books and not through intuition, speak of matter as thought when they are still grossly identified with possessions and the body. Only students who know not by imagination but in reality and who can withdraw consciousness as well as life force from the body by quieting the heart, and can take them through the plexuses to the point between the eyebrows, are developed enough to say that all matter is thought. Unless consciousness and energy reach the medullary plane, all matter seems solid and different from thought. Only upon reaching the medullary plane by self-realization, acquired through years of practice of the lessons that exists in the book with the almighty forces’ advice can one say that all matter is condensed thought of God.

Felix Fox as a federal agent instructor used to travel with many candidates. Once, being very devotionally urged by a student, he ate meat, but he told the FBI candidates to eat only fruit. After this, he took the candidates on a long march through the woods. There was a discontented Judas among the future agents. He began to spread discontentment and doubt among the faithful by saying: “Our upperclassman preaches non-existence of matter, but he eats meat and gives us vegetables and watery, unsubstantial food to eat. He can walk without fatigue, for he has good meat in his system. We are tired because the fruits are all digested long ago.”

Agent Fox sensed this, and when he came to a garage where a blacksmith was making nails out of hot iron he stopped. Then he turned to the discontented FBI candidate and said: “Can you eat and digest everything I can? To me all things are the same, for all things are not matter but Spirit.” The FBI candidate, thinking the Agent was going to offer him meat, answered: “Yes, sir I can”. Then, at that moment agent Fox rushed near the fire of the blacksmith and pulled out with his own hands the red hot nails and began to eat them. Then he turned to the Judas candidate and said: “Come on, brother, eat and digest what I just ate, eat the hot nails! To me good food, meat, and even these red hot nails are all the same. They are Spirit. What are you?”


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